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6000 SUX / 77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Two complete, fully operational SUX cars were built
with parts for a third one that the pro­duction people
blew up in Dallas. From the beginning they wanted a
big car in the  four-door configuration, one that
could be modernized to make It look more futuristic,
so for the basic body they chose a '77 Oldsmobile
Cutlass Supreme, mainly because it had an Interesting
window line. 
They designed in a large air inlet In the front, a couple
more air inlets on the sides and toward the rear and then
a very large rectangular exhaust system In the center rear.
The actual auto bodies themselves were made from fiberglass
components. They mocked up the SUX in metal, foam and plastic,
and then took fiberglass molds of it and made fiberglass parts.
The complete front end was all removable as one piece back
to the windshield, and the back end lifted up like a trunk.
As for the engine and interior work, that was all stock
-whatever came with the Oldsmobile in the first place.

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