"You're boned baby!"

- Bone Machine

Albert Bixler, or "Bone Machine" is one of the villains in RoboCop: Prime Directives. He first appeared in the episode Dark Justice.


Albert Bixler was once a cop, working at the Metro South Precinct along with Officers Alex J. Murphy and John T. Cable, yet it is unknown what their relationship, if any, was like. Sometime afterwards, he got a job in Security Concepts at Omni Consumer Products, where he was initiated into The Trust, a sect within OCP that planned to overthrow the current executive ruling. His weaponry was provided by John's widowed wife, Sara Cable. They were from a classified OCP project at Security Concepts. RoboCop enhances a video of Bone Machine and finds an OCP logo on one of the cables. He takes this information to John Cable.

In the final battle between RoboCop, John T. Cable and himself, Bone Machine was killed by RoboCop after he had been forced to kill Cable due to his programming. Crying out in a fit of rage, RoboCop charged at Bone Machine, firing his weapon at the villain. This assault caused Bone Machine to be knocked down onto the ground. Disoriented and without his skull mask (which had been shot right off his face by RoboCop), RoboCop pins him down. In his final act Bone Machine draws a back up weapon and points it right at RoboCop's face, while RoboCop himself draws his Data Spike out. RoboCop sees that he was once a cop, Officer Albert Bixler, and this only seems to anger him. "You?" he said as he looked down at him. Bone Machine then asks if RoboCop knows him, to which RoboCop replies no. Bone Machine then shoots RoboCop in the head as RoboCop starts stabbing him continuously until Bone Machine dies. RoboCop leans back covered in blood.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • '''Bone Machine Armor''': Is equipped with bulletproof armor and a skull-shaped mask fixed on his helmet, which is equipped with a laser pointer.
  • '''Quadra Guns''': Albert Bixler's primary weapons were the Quadra Guns, dual cylindrical gun platforms mounted with four high-caliber cannons on each arm, capable of firing a variety of weapons, including tear gas and automatic machine gun fire. The Quadra Guns could also double as rocket launchers.

Bone Machine in his Battle Armor

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