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Alex J. Murphy (1953 - 1990) was a model police officer and family man prior to his death. Subsequently, his remains were used to create OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 - better known as RoboCop.

Return of Alex J. MurphyEdit

"Stay out of trouble"

- Delta City Security Commander Alex J. Murphy

Following the unsuccessful attempt by David Kaydick to upload Legion into the OCP program known as S.A.I.N.T., RoboCop was attacked by Crime Prevention Unit 002, his former partner John T. Cable. During the fight, RoboCop was disabled when RoboCable used his terminal strip to interface with Murphy's central processor. Cable deleted the RoboCop operating system and restored Murphy's consciousness fully. As Delta City had plunged into chaos following the deactivation of S.A.I.N.T., Murphy was reinstated to the police service and named Commander of the police department within Delta City.

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