The Auto 9 is a highly advanced select-fire machine pistol with a 50-round magazine. It is holstered in a concealed alcove in RoboCop's thigh, together with at least one reload magazine in storage. The most commonly utilized fire setting is in a three-round burst mode; however, RoboCop has been seen firing a single round in multiple instances.

The weapon is also capable of utilizing special ammunition, which can be selected by its user via the targeting interface.


Shortly after his activation, RoboCop was assigned the Auto 9 as his primary weapon and he has used it as his main weapon ever since. A unique weapon, the only two confirmed users of the Auto 9 are RoboCop himself and RoboCable, who was assigned two pistols as part of an upgrade to the software allowing for secondary targets to be established by the targeting software. Despite being unique to RoboCop and RoboCable, humans were able to utilize the weapon, although in the series, RoboCop's Auto 9 is registered to his hand, and cannot be fired by anyone else.

The principle designer of the Auto 9 once used the prototype model in an effort to frame RoboCop for murder. Later, a weapons dealer listed an "Auto 9 Avenger" as weapons that he was capable of delivering to his clients which are, presumably, the upgraded version of the weapon used by the RoboCop program.

Available AmmunitionEdit

  • Armor-piercing
    • An advanced armor piercing round that has been shown to be able to penetrate kevlar vests as well as the titanium armor utilized in the RoboCop program.
  • Flechette
  • High explosive
  • Non-lethal
    • A round designed to incapacitate a target rather than kill.
  • Seeker
  • Standard
    • A standard round.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Auto 9 was built from a Beretta 93R, the select-fire version of the Beretta 92, capable of three-round burst fire, with a custom fore end and compensator. The extended magazine holds 20 rounds. For RoboCop: The Series and RoboCop: Prime Directives, the Auto 9 was shown as being able to carry special ammunition (mainly armor piercing in Prime Directives and Non-Lethal in The Series).

According to the cast & crew interviews in the Criterion Collection DVD, the production team had to fill out extra paperwork to even allow the gun into the United States, because while technically a "pistol", for all intents and purposes it is a high-caliber near-automatic weapon, which comes with extra legal restrictions. Also according to the featurettes, their original plan was to have RoboCop wield an impressive Desert Eagle handgun (which was relatively new at the time). However, while the Desert Eagle looks big in the hands of a normal person, all of RoboCop's extra bulky armor made the Desert Eagle look relatively small in comparison. Therefore, they sought out the modified Beretta 93R.

A similar model was used in the film Sin City by one of the antagonists. Whilst the original Auto 9 used the Beretta 93R as the base weapon, the armourer in Sin City used a Beretta 92FS. You can tell it is a 92FS and not a 93R, by identifying the selector lever above the pistol grip, towards the rear of the gun. The 92FS only has a safety/decocking lever, which is identified by the red dot, while the 93R has a single white dot for semi-automatic, and three white dots in a cluster, for three round burst.

According to actor Peter Weller, the Auto 9, while perfectly balanced was very difficult to spin during RoboCop's trademark gun twirl.

Writers considered multiple ideas on where RoboCop kept the ammunition for the Auto 9. Possible ideas included storing extra magazines in his forearms and an unseen interface in his hand which would feed ammo directly into the gun from stores in his arm.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Owing to its fame, the Auto 9 has appeared in many other forms of media.

  • A similar model is used in the film Sin City by one of the antagonists.
  • In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a pistol similar to the Auto 9 appears, named the "A.J.M. 9". Its description states that it was "built and named in honor of a fallen DPD cop who fell in the line of duty fighting the creeps of the Detroit megaslums and industrial wastelands". The name of the pistol (A.J.M. 9) is a reference to Alex J. Murphy. A slightly-modified A.J.M. 9 also appears in Far Cry 4 as a Uplay reward, with its description in the rewards section saying that it was "last seen cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit".
  • In Saints Row IV, a pistol based on the Auto 9 known as the "Cyborg Pistol" appears as a "Costume" for the "Rapid-Fire SMG". The Default skin's description ("Stay out of trouble") is a quote from RoboCop.
  • Across the various pen-and-paper, console and computer versions of the Shadowrun role playing game, one of the signature weapons of the setting is a heavy-caliber pistol known as the "Ares Predator"; the asthetics of the weapon are largely derived from the Auto 9, although in-universe it is purely a semi-automatic weapon and has no burst or auto-fire capibilities. Signifigantly, the company that manufactures the weapon is based out of Detroit and (like OCP) is the dominant force in the city.
  • The Auto 9 appears in the flash game Madness: Project Nexus. It does 7 damage, reaches up to 110 range and holds 50 rounds.
  • While the 2014 remake of RoboCop does not feature the Auto 9 in the film, a few of its posters feature the new RoboCop wielding it.
  • A variation to the Auto 9 appears in the Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark as the Magsec 4. Primary function is a single shot with a 3-round burst as the secondary function.
  • Shaman King's character Marco uses a gun that bears heavy resemblance to Auto 9.

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