Lewis's baby-flavoured pasta sauce won first place at the cook-off.

Baby Maid is a brand of baby food.


Target PracticeEdit

Anne Lewis brought several jars of this this brand when she and RoboCop were in hiding at the steel mill. This is because baby food is said to have been similar to the rudimentary paste used to sustain his organic systems. Rather than eat them, RoboCop chose to use them as target practice.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • On the commentary track of the DVD, Paul Verhoeven explains the significance of RoboCop shooting jars of baby food. When Robo examines the baby face on the jar, then looks back at Lewis, he is "looking at what he cannot get anymore." After this he cocks his gun, walks off frame and fires a shot, indicating a "slight suggestion of suicide." He is then revealed to firing on the jars, which is explained as simply meaning "no babies."

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