Bertha Washington was a member of the Old Detroit community that was evicted because of the Delta City project. She was a leading member of the rebellion that opposed OCP's Rehab forces.


Leader of the Old Detroit ResistanceEdit

Bertha was seen at the beganning of RoboCop 3 shouting to the citzens of OCP's true intentions until two Rehab soldiers tried to silence her but she overpowerd them and took their megaphone and continue her shouting to convice the citzens to stay and for their homes. Later she took Nikko Halloran under her proctection when she and other resistance members manage to steal weapons from OCP armory including RoboCop's Jetpack and after Nikko used the ED-209 unit to fire on the police she and the Detroit resistance managed to escape.

A New AllyEdit

Bertha helped the others to the secret base including the resistance new friend RoboCop. She later helped Dr. Marie Lazarus repair RoboCop.

Betrayal and DeathEdit

Bertha was killed when Coontz double crossed the Detroit resistance by selling the information to Rehab. When the Rehabs invaded the Base, Bertha fought bravely but was shot down. Her last action was to tell Nikko to run as she passed away.

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