Beyond the Law Part 1Edit

RoboCop shakes down the criminals in Detroit for leads to the whereabouts of his kidnapped family but with no results. Answers are finally provided when RoboCop is visited by the Old Man. Using his resources for intelligence, the Old Man informs RoboCop his family has been taken hostage by a rebel leader named Aza in San Arica. In 22 hours, Aza will contact RoboCop to assassinate San Arica’s president when he arrives at the airport or his wife and son will be killed. An OCP jet is offered to fly RoboCop to San Arica to save his family which he reluctantly takes. He knows OCP has some personal stake in his going to San Arica but knows he has no better choice for his wife and son’s rescue.

Beyond the Law Part 2Edit

RoboCop arrives in San Arica and is discovered by a band of rebels under Aza’s command. Quickly taking them out to ensure his family’s safety, RoboCop notices their special weapons resembling one’s from OCP. Meeting up with an anti-rebel guide, RoboCop learns there’s been rumor of a powerful business funding Aza and his rebellion with specialized weapons which only furthers suspicions of OCP’s involvement. As they draw closer to Aza’s base, RoboCop is ambushed by Aza himself and captured while his wife watches from nearby.

Beyond the Law Part 3Edit

With RoboCop’s capture, Aza’s plans for political assassination are ruined. Angered, he decides to sacrifice RoboCop and his family to the sun gods he worships. Summoning what power he has left, RoboCop breaks from his captivity and battles Aza and his men to the death. During the battle, RoboCop decides to mislead his wife into believing he truly is a machine and not Alex Murphy to keep her and their son safe from any future harm. After Aza and his men are killed, RoboCop finds himself under a surprise attack by Colonel Flak. Since his last appearance, Colonel Flak took up an offer to work as a special agent for OCP in exchange for a RoboCop body. With their involvement in San Arica’s civil unrest, OCP sent Flak to kill any and all witnesses during RoboCop’s rescue mission. Outfitted with more lethal weapons, Flak proves to be a difficult opponent for the already battle damaged RoboCop. For the winning blow, RoboCop brings a helicopter down on top of Flak and destroys him. RoboCop stands victoriously among the wreckage and fully accepts what he has become after death. “No longer a man” but “more than a machine.” "RoboCop"

Supporting CharactersEdit

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