• Special Agent Dale Cooper


    September 6, 2016 by Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Hello, I have recently adopted the RoboCop Wiki and I am busy at work improving it. I love RoboCop and I look forward to my time I will spend editing here. First off, the Wiki looks different right now, I am trying a look moderately resembling RoboCop's visual display, but I may change it in the future. Any feedback would be welcome!

    I have also made individual pages for each portrayal of Alex Murphy/RoboCop since the TV series and the miniseries each create their own continuity and each actor has portrayed Murphy a little bit differently. It seems a lot more organized to me. I also thought about merging the Alex Murphy pages with their respective RoboCop, but I figured they're fine the way they are.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please mak…

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  • Aggression25

    In the remake, there was only one error that I noticed. Towards the climax where Robocop goes after the guy that orchestrated the car bomb, his police superior says that he's breaking protocol by trying to solve his own murder. MURDER, PEOPLE!!! That doesn't make any sense! Murphy was killed in the original film and resurrected as a cyborg, but in the remake, he survives, is in the hospital, and is later reduced to his just his head, lungs and heart, along with his right hand. If he's still alive, why did she say he was solving his own murder?

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  • LookatmeIgotaKey

    As you can see, this wiki is nearly dead.

    With the help of a few users, we can revive it.

    I have no idea who the admins are, and if they still work on this wiki but we need admins to patrol the wiki for vandals.

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  • Gcheung28

    Calling all Robocop fans!! We were lucky to get a comics bundle pack to give away on Wikia and, since the pack includes RoboCop: Last Stand Part 1 TP (4 issues) and RoboCop (2014) #1-2, we wanted to share the giveaway with you! Besides Robocop, there are a lot of other great comics that come in the pack too!

    Click on this link to head over to the giveaway and see what you could win, and best of luck to all who enter!

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  • Greyestcat

    Meta Links

    March 10, 2014 by Greyestcat

    In case you should be curious, have some links to my stupid meta posts about the reboot.  This is what you do with a fancy English major, mom.  ^_~

    Quick first response/comparison

    Later comparisons using preview/poster taglines

    Longer view of Dennett Norton's arc

    A bit about Dennett removing the transmitter

    Some stuff about Mattox

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  • Matt Hadick

    RoboCop Cyborg Battle

    February 12, 2014 by Matt Hadick

    RoboCop, as made evident by a number of trailers, is most certainly taking names in the new reboot -- but how would he fare against other cyborgs from classic movies, television, and video games? Pick the android that you think would come out on top in the polls below!

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  • FireChief420

    Reporting for duty

    August 26, 2012 by FireChief420

    I am a fan of RoboCop: The Series just as much if not more so than the movies. I intend to work hard at filling in a lot of the gaps that are left in that particular area of the wiki.FireChief420 (talk) 09:49, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Lp090692

    RoboCop Tumblr

    April 24, 2012 by Lp090692

    There are Tumblrs dedicated to everything from Tattoos, Cats, Gun Silencers, and even Jeff Goldblum, but I realized there was not a Tumblr dedicated to the electric law enforcer, RoboCop! So I took the liberty upon myself to establish Fuck Yeah RoboCop !

    Please visit and be sure to follow. I update it regularly with pictures, video and even reviews of the many incarnations of RoboCop!

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  • IndigoOnIceCream

    Best Robocop

    November 29, 2011 by IndigoOnIceCream

    Who was the best Robocop? RandomWriterGuy 00:12, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Saila Wei

    First post?

    October 17, 2011 by Saila Wei

    First off, I just wanna give a huge thanks out to User:Grunny for giving me administrative and bureaucratic rights to the RoboCop Wiki. I mean, seriously, this really means a lot. I've been visiting this site on and off for the past year and never saw it go anywhere, so I recently decided to take it upon myself to get this place active and updated as best as I can.

    I'm currently trying to find my way on how to work around the administrative panels - this is my first time managing a wiki, and I've only gotten into editing for about a month-ish? So forgive me if I do something subliminally stupid...(n00b alert). So, if you don't see me editing for a while, it's not that I haven't left or anything, it's just that I got lost somewhere in the ad…

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