Bobby from robocop

"Can you fly Bobby?"

"Shit, Clarence, my leg..."
- An injured Bobby looks to Clarence for comfort.
"Can you fly, Bobby?"
Clarence prepares to assign Bobby to a different task.

Character OverviewEdit

Bobby was a member of Clarence's Gang, presumerably charged with handling explosives or demolitions for the robbery committed immediately before Lewis and Murphy get the call to intercept them on Industrial Way. Unfortunately for Bobby, his measurements were off, and as well as blowing open whatever vault or strong room held the money they were after, he incinerated the money too.

Clarence did not appreciate this mistake. After the gang and the two officers exchanged fire, Bobby was an early casualty, being struck in the thigh. Clarence wasted no time in "throwing him out of the gang" - and into the windscreen of Murphy and Lewis.

It's unknown if Bobby survived his ordeal, as he was not seen or mentioned again after Lewis pushed him off the windshield and tossed him onto the road.   

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