Catzo is a follower of Cain and member of the Nuke Cult. His hair and clothing style appear very similar to Elvis Presley.


Catzo was first seen when RoboCop searched the factory building for the NukeCult. Later, after RoboCop was overcombated, he helped to disassemble him.

Behind the scenesEdit


Catzo's fate is unknown in the final cut of the film. In the fourth draft of the script, he is thrown into a vat of Nuke and overdoses, a similar fate seen in the RoboCop 2 arcade game. However, in the comic adaptation and novelization, he is killed in a knife fight, stabbed in the heart by Officer Anne Lewis. According to Catzo's actor, Michael Medeiros, this scene was filmed and stills exist from it, but it did not make the final cut for unknown reasons.