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The Chairman is extremely different in character to the Old Man in RoboCop and RoboCop 2. Rather than a ruthless corporate bureaucrat, as in the movies, The Chairman is more sensitive to the problems around him especially the ones caused by OCP. He is quite wise and seems to learn a lesson in almost every appearance further bettering the character. He comes across more as a father to Delta City not an owner or dictator like the Old Man. He does however on some occasions show some ignorance about the condition of things. Amongst those things is the condition of Old Detroit. In one episode Diana Powers suggests a ride along and RoboCop arrives to take him. The Chairman agrees but seems quite happy with the way things are. After being trapped with a family that live in an old warehouse and cannot afford medical care he is more aware of the way of life in Old Detroit.

The Chairman has the ability to alter RoboCop's programming or even terminate him from a computer console built into his desk. The only downside to this is that Pudface Morgan was once able to activate it with the use of Eve.