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Chip Chayken is an OCP executive Vice President in charge of CyberSafe Concepts.

In order to advance his career, Chip Chayken hires Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo to work for him at Public Works. There they conspire to harvest the brains of Old Detroit's homeless for use in the cybernetic computer NeuroBrain. NeuroBrain runs Delta City's MetroNet system which controls traffic and utilities from within Public Works.

Mr. Chayken has a somewhat romantic relationship with Fanny LaMour who runs OCP Family Services. There, she recruits boys "too old" to adopt for the Dogtown Boys, a gang used by Chip Chayken to abduct the people used in Mallardo's NeuroBrain experiments.

Chip seems to have a special appreciation for "Pudface" Morgan. He has hired him on occasion to take advantage of the man's unending hatred for RoboCop.