The Detroit City Police Department is a privatized police force owned by Omni Consumer Products. OCP took on the responsibility of funding and running the police precincts to further their own goals. By holding back funds from the department they ensure that the police force cannot do it's job effectively. With the city patrolled by a demoralized and an insufficient force people would turn to OCP and their response would be to put an ED-209 on every corner. This method is also used to prepare the RoboCop program by successfully producing a body capable of the transformation, Alex Murphy. Threatened by RoboCop, OCP executive Dick Jones orders the entire Detroit Police to destroy him even though most of them refuse to initially. The one exception being Lt. Hedgecock who follows orders and led the assault, which ultimately ended with his death by Anne Lewis. Lt. Hedgecock is then replaced as SWAT leader by Whitakker following his death and the deaths of Dick Jones and Clarence Boddicker. After these events the police strike continues and the SWAT forces are suspended for following their former leader Lt. Hedgecock and the beginning the drug fueled Nuke Cult lead by their leader named Cain. RoboCop is then tended to and his damaged sustained from ED-209. After RoboCop was captured and torn apart by Cain and his gang he is repaired. The Detroit Police force with the SWAT force backing them led an assault on Cain's hideout. They also did battle with RoboCain in the OCP headquarters.

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