Diana Powers was the personal assisstant of OCP executive Chip Chayken. She was quite clumsy. During Dr. Cray Mallardo's presentation of NeuroBrain to the OCP Board Diana tripped up and grabbed onto Dr. Mallardo. For this reason Chip fired her before being scolded by the Chairman. She makes some input about NeuroBrain although Chayken and Mallardo are not interested. During a discussion about the failing brains in the NeuroBrain unit they decide that they need a young brain that has not been stressed by life. They both turn to see Diana smiling across the other side of the room unaware of their intentions. She is portrayed by Andrea Roth.


Chip Chayken and Dr Cray Mallardo killed her and used her brain to power NeuroBrain. NeuroBrain is a super computer that runs MetroNet and handles all aspects of Delta City life. During the creation of NeuroBrain Chip Chayken keeps seeing faces in the data stream. Dr Mallardo convinces him that it was just guilt and stress tricking him. Once NeuroBrain is online both men witness a confused and distraught version of Diana Powers in holographic form. She locks them out of the room as they wish to destroy her. Mallardo and Chayken have an engineer arrive to cut through the doors. Once inside Mallardo is hit by an electrical field running through the floor but due to an insulated suit is unharmed. He inserts a disc and uploads a program to destroy the hologram so that just the brain remained. Diana is close to being erased but Dr. Mallardo's efforts are thwarted by RoboCop. As she survived she personally oversaw the running of Delta City.

This added a character that could relate to RoboCop, having been human and then becoming a machine. She can now take the form of a human, albeit a transparent ghostly form, and help RoboCop out from time to time. Other than Dr. Mallardo and Chip Chayken, RoboCop and the Chairman are the only people who know of her existence within the NeuroBrain computer. She often appears to the Chairman helping him see the evil things being done by members of his company. She is also very friendly with RoboCop referring to him as Alex.

Diana Powers appears only as a special effect. Andrea does all of her acting in front of a blue screen. Her character's image is later composited with the film of other characters that she interacts with. “I never really know what my final scenes will look like, and it is a challenge to create my own reality around the scripts,” Andrea explains. "Diana is fulfilled in life as the NeuroBrain, because she is now empowered to contribute to a better way of life for thousands-upon-thousands of people."

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