Donald Johnson is an OCP executive that started in the Security Concepts division. He was later promoted vice president of OCP.

Early careerEdit

Johnson started out as a very diminutive Junior Executive. He was regularly seen with his friends Bob Morton and Mr. Kinney. Johnson also witnessed an unfortunate malfunction during Dick Jones' ED-209 demonstration, resulting in the tragic death of Mr. Kinney. Later Bob Morton was also killed, but under somewhat more mysterious circumstances.

When Dick Jones was revealed to be behind the murder of Bob Morton, and then shot by RoboCop, Johnson was actively pleased, even rising to his feet with what seemed like anticipation as Dick was shot towards, and indeed through, the glass windows of the boardroom.

RoboCop 2 programEdit

Johnson was put put in charge of the RoboCop 2 program, but after failing to deliver a working prototype he was replaced by Dr. Juliette Faxx. Later he convinced the Old Man to use Dr. Faxx as a scapegoat for the botched and destructive demonstration of second RoboCop.

Kanemitsu takeoverEdit

Johnson continued to work at OCP after the company was acquired by the Kanemitsu Corporation, with a new CEO running the company. While Johnson was more or less an obedient lap dog for OCP, There were times when he had more conscience than most and actually had respect for RoboCop. He also thought there were times when the company was going too far

Behind the ScenesEdit

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