"Nah, you know, those things'll kill ya."
"Yeah. You wanna live forever?"
- Emil and Dougy, before Officer Murphy bursts in and makes him not live forever.

Character OverviewEdit

Dougy is seen at the gang's hideout in the abandoned steel mill. He seems quite a homely and softly spoken type of shotgun-wielding thug, like a thug that has become a grandfather recently. He and Emil are watching hilarious comedy on TV when Officer Murphy bursts in a moment later and, despite a warning, Dougy goes for his shotgun. He is downed with two shots and killed.

RoboCop: The Animated SeriesEdit

In the intro for each episode, an abridged version of Officer Murphy's murder from the film is played out. Murphy is arresting Emil and Dougy, while Clarence, Joe, and Leon sneak up on the officer and open fire.

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