Ellen Murphy was the wife of Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy and mother of James Murphy.


The Murphys were a happy family that resided at 548 Primrose Lane until Alex was killed in the line of duty. Following his funeral, Ellen and James moved away to "start over."

However, they eventually were stalked by cyborg police officer RoboCop and Ellen took legal action and learned that RoboCop had been constructed from her late husband's remains. She visited RoboCop, but he insisted that he was not Alex and that his face was synthetically made in his honor. Ellen to burst into tears and left.


  • Ellen's first name is never spoken in either of the three original films, only mentioned in the ending credits of the second and third films. In the ending credits of the first film she is listed as "Murphy's wife".
  • In the TV series she is called Nancy, due to copyright issues.
  • In the 2014 remake, Ellen is renamed Clara.


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