Faces Of Eve is the ninth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


A new OCP product—the "Eve Face"—gives people instant, painless plastic surgery; the ability to look like anyone or anything they want. Unfortunately, it only lasts 3 hours and Pudface Morgan is already plotting to use it for his own ends—to kill RoboCop.

A bunch of reporters practically break down Murphy's door to get an interview with Jimmy, who was an eyewitness to the attempted murder of the judge who sentenced Pudface Morgan to jail. Pudface's goons kidnap the kid—but not before Robo puts a tracer on their van.

The "Eve" system even duplicates retinal patterns perfectly! Pudface uses this feature to access the Chairman's personal files and activate the Cyborg Termination Sequence. Robo's sinking fast.

RoboCop manages to contact Diana, who slows down Robo's termination and e-mails Charlie Lippencott, Robo's personal maintenance tech. Charlie hacks into OCP's SatNet and uses his own "backdoor" password to access Robo's systems and cancel the termination sequence. Fully restored, RoboCop takes out Pudface and Jimmy Murphy gets a medal for helping the police.