Mayor Fred Friendly served as mayor of Detroit City some time after the completed construction of Delta City.

When people fear that the Dogtown Ripper is stalking the homeless people of the city, Mayor Friendly is quick to place blame for the disappearances on the indigent lifestyles of the people involved.

Fred Friendly is suspected of corruption and RoboCop has taken surveillance footage of him accepting money from Vladimir Molotov, local head of the Russian Mafia. Later, Fred assures "Stitch" that there is nothing to worry about. At that time there were protests against RoboCop taking place by the Reverend Robert Taker and the mayor assumed that they would be sufficient to distract the police enough to leave the two alone. Although, when Reverend Taker is murdered, Detective Lisa Madigan suspects the mayor may be in some way involved. She questions him with the use of a Vee-Ess Analyzer and finds that he has an alibi when Bambi Taker admits that he was with her at the time of her husband's murder.

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