"Nobody takes me seriously! Well get serious now, and kiss the Mayor's ass goodbye!"
Ron Miller[src]

Gibson was the Mayor of Detroit when RoboCop was first put on the streets.


Gibson was held hostage by a disgruntled city councilman named Ron Miller. The Detroit Police arrived at City Hall, surrounding the area with SWAT teams. Lieutenant Hedgecock attempted to negotiate with Miller, but failed to convince him. The angered Miller then forced Gibson to the window and prepared to kill him. However, this was foiled when cyborg police officer RoboCop arrived, grabbing Miller through a wall and punching him out a window.

Gibson was succeeded in office by Marvin Kuzak.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In a deleted Mediabreak segment, Mayor Gibson can be seen visiting Anne Lewis in the hospital, after she had been injured by Clarence Boddicker during the shootout at the steel mill.