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Holzgang is a lawyer for OCP. A smug, arrogant, slimeball of a man. Holgang is unfeeling, cruel and and expert at manipulating legal matters. He videotapes a questioning with RoboCop, basically forcing him to confirm that Alex Murphy is dead, and that he is simply a machine in order to pacify his wife who had sued OCP.

He is seen alongside the Old Man during Marvin Kuzak's visit, telling him that according to what they signed, OCP intends to utilize the police strike in order to privatize all Detroit.

When RoboCop was dismantled by the Nuke cult, Holzgang derided Garcia who believed that he actually felt pain. He also remembered that the corrupted OCP executive  Dick Jones tricked the Detroit police force into destroying Robocop but luckily they refused except the former SWAT leader Lt. Hedgecock and it was put to an end by Anne Lewis who killed Lt. Hedgecock for his betrayel and making decision to follow Dick Jone's orders to destroy him and as well setting Clarence Boddicker and his gang free from prison. A cold-hearted Holzgang explained that what seemed as suffering were just electric shocks and malfunctions; RoboCop was only a product, not a human and OCP could not afford repairs.

Eventually it was proposed by Dr. Juliette Faxx to reprogram RoboCop. Holzgang is seen with the team removing RoboCop's parts, denying Garcia's assistance who wanted to oversee the repairs. He also derided Reed who called him "shyster" and asked to see RoboCop again on his feet. Holzgang would not promise anything since RoboCop was "off warranty".

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