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Illusions is the fourteenth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


A magician teams up with a gunrunner to kill RoboCop. RoboCop leads an illegal-weapons bust, but the boss, Reggie Braga, escapes indictment. He employs an assassin, "the Magician", to take out RoboCop. Braga is planning a new shipment, while the Magician sends his hired guns to kill the Chairman of OCP. Det. Madigan invesitages the Magician, and meets another one—a very handsome, charming guy. She gets a lead from a poster of "Milo the Magnificent" on the wall of the guy's store. Schmidt & Wilson, the hit team employed by the Magician, plan to make their attempt on the Chairman at the unveiling of the new Interceptor Mark II, being developed by Security Concepts as the next generation of police cars. The next day, the Interceptor II is to be field-tested, with RoboCop at the wheel. While Robo is getting the Interceptor warmed up, Edward Foster gives his secretary a big ol' smooch—right in public!--distracting her. The I2 rolls out, and then blows up; supposedly with RoboCop inside!