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James "Jimmy" Murphy is an employee of OCP and son of Alex and Ellen Murphy. When James was just a boy, his father was slain in the line of duty and, unbeknownst to Jimmy, was rebuilt as cyborg police officer RoboCop.


"Go Get 'em, Dad"
Jimmy Murphy[[RoboCop: Prime Directives|[src]]]

Shortly after his father's death, Ellen Murphy passed away due to unexplained causes and James was placed into an OCP run foster home. Secretly, James was closely watched by the ex-wife of his father's former partner John T. Cable, and Sara Cable ensured that James would have benefits not available to others. After graduating with his MBA, James was hired by OCP and brought into the Junior Executives Program. He was assigned to Security Concepts alongside Cable. Also, like Cable, he was a rival of Damian Lowe.

While working for OCP, James was assigned to oversee the police department. He developed a working relationship with Commander Cable, but was uncomfortable around RoboCop. Murphy was invited into a secret society within OCP known as The Trust due to his belief in OCP and securing its future. Nonetheless, Murphy began an investigation into his father's death and soon discovered that his father was RoboCop. Hurt that his father made no effort to remain in his life, Murphy agreed to oversee the deactivation of RoboCop. To ensure that his father would not survive, Murphy brought an EMP generator from OCP and planned to use it against him.

During a shoot out between OCP System's Support, RoboCop, and RoboCable, Murphy was injured. He soon came face to face with his father with the intention of detonating the EMP; however, he decided not to use the generator when his father revealed himself to his son. The two were able to reconnect and went to OCP with the intention of stopping Doctor David Kaydick from using Legion to destroy the world. He would personally fight against RoboCable in hand to hand combat in hopes of distracting the unit; however, he was quickly overpowered. When his father was deactivated by RoboCable, Jimmy would sit with his father and held his lifeless body in his arms.

Following the detonation of the EMP and the devastation that it caused to Delta City, Murphy turned down a promotion to Vice President of OCP and resigned from the Executive Board. He soon founded the Prime Directives Foundation, where he served as CEO of, and began to rebuild Delta City.