"WOW! Can you do that Dad?!"
―Jimmy Murphy[src]

James "Jimmy" Murphy is the son of Ellen and Alex Murphy. RoboCop regularly sees him in the broken fragments of his memories.


TJ LazerEdit

"Role models can very important to a boy."
Alex Murphy[src]

Jimmy grew up in a healthy suburban environment. He enjoyed watching a cop show called T.J. Lazer. Later, while walking round his old house, RoboCop has a flashback of Jimmy sat watching T.J. Lazer on TV. He turns to his Dad and says: "Wow. Can you do that Dad?" RoboCop then finds a picture of him and Jimmy in the kitchen. He has a flashback to Halloween. He is setting up the camera to take a picture of himself with his wife and Jimmy, who is dressed as the devil.

Move from Primrose LaneEdit

"Murphy had a wife and son, what happened to them?"

RoboCop began stalking the Murphys after they moved away. One day while parked outside their new house, RoboCop sees his wife checking the post. Jimmy pulled up on the lawn on his bike and walked inside with his mother, who could see the cyborg watching them. Shortly after this incident, Ellen took legal action against OCP; RoboCop stopped checking on them after that and did not see Jimmy again for many years.

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