Jeff Fleck was an executive at Omni Consumer Products, a member of Security Concepts. Fleck was in charge of Security Concepts and works with Donald Johnson. He was instructed by the CEO to oversee RoboCop and get RoboCop to help the Rehabs to get Cadillac Heights cleared for demolition to build Delta City. The CEO has Fleck take care of the situation with RoboCop, who disobeyed a direct order in continuing the pursuit of the rebels.

Fleck has a conversation with Dr. Marie Lazarus, who she tells Fleck that RoboCop disobeyed a direct order cause he did not agree with it and Fleck tells her that he is just a machine. Marie argues with Fleck that RoboCop is Alex Murphy and tells him if OCP wanted a robot, why put Murphy there in the first place and he tells her that Murphy is dead and it is on record. Lazarus tells Fleck that this is Murphy. Fleck asks if he has all his emotional baggage and Marie tells Fleck that it is his humanity. Fleck then tells her to remove his emotions and Marie's co-scientist tells Fleck he has a chip that can remove it. Fleck says to Lazarus that she makes him predictable or find a new job. Later on, Marie destroys the chip, not taking away Murphy's humanity.

Later on, Murphy and his partner Anne Lewis find the rebels hidden at a church and see they are really harmless and after a stand off with Paul McDaggett and the Rehabs to protect the people in the church, she is killed by McDaggett and RoboCop wounded by a grenade launcher and is framed for the murder.

Fleck calls Lazarus on the video phone and tells her she needs to turn on her television and watch Mediabreak and sees the news about the death of Anne Lewis, which OCP has a fake re-enactment of the murder. Fleck tells Lazarus to turn in her corporate ID and she might not be brought up on charges.

Days later, things start to get bad for OCP, now that RoboCop has joined the resistance and while walking the corridors with Johnson, Fleck hears a executive commit suicide by jumping out the window. Fleck says he rather eat a bullet if he were to commit suicide. Fleck feels things are falling apart and thinks the CEO is losing it. When he and Johnson enter the meeting room, Fleck tells Johnson that things went to hell when OCP sold out to the Kanemitsu Corporation and the CEO and Otomo hear Fleck and the CEO tells him to shush. As soon as he and the CEO are alone, Fleck asks is there something that Security Concepts can do and the CEO tells Fleck he is fired. Fleck leaves the room and he shoots himself.