An officer of Detroit Police Department. With Anne Lewis they were carrying an arrested one-eyed man into the department when Lewis saw RoboCop walking down the corridor. He is again seen at the OCP parking complex with Kaplan and the others refusing to destroy RoboCop when Lt. Hedgecock follows Dick Jone's orders to destroy him. He Yells Hedgecock that RoboCop is a " Cop for god's sake!" and he and the others walk off disgusted after Hedgecock tells them that they had orders to destroy it and alerting Anne Lewis to Hedgecock's betrayal. He meets Lewis after the incident and found out it was Dick Jones who ordered Hedgecock to destroy RoboCop and they presumed dismiss or kill Hedgecock for following in Dick Jone's orders to destroy him. Jerry survived Hedgecock's treachery and resume to his work as an officer of Detroit Police Department.

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  • (to Lt. Hedgecock) He's a cop for god's sake!
  • Ah, shit!

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