JK-Robocop - Beta-012

Joshua as the RC-2000.

Joshua "Josh" Duncan, also known as Subject 5122006, was a member of the military when he was 25. He was killed in an ambush and subsequently resurrected as an RC-2000, the prototype cyborg before Alex Murphy. When he thought his squadmates had killed innocents, but discovered that he killed them, he engaged a nearby ED-209 and was quickly killed and the incident was covered up.


Death and resurrectionEdit

JK-Robocop - Beta-002

Soldiers armed with Pulse Rifles investigate Duncan's corpse.

In an ambush in Iran when Joshua was 25, he was killed by shots that "CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!" He was then turned into the RC-2000 by OmniCorp. He was woken by Dennett Norton, but once Joshua saw what they'd done to him, he reacted badly; Norton instantly ordered him to be shut down.

Duncan was later awakened again, sedated, while Norton explained that his unit found him, but as an unfortunate side effect of his injury, most of his memory had been lost.

Raymond Sellars was displeased with Duncan's appearance, insisting it would give the American people nightmares, which is not what OmniCorp wanted. Duncan later had a nightmare of an event back in Iran, and the scientists questioned whether they should wipe his memory, but Norton argued that keeping some trace of memory would help allay Sellars' qualms that Duncan didn't seem human.

Introduction in IranEdit

JK-Robocop - Beta-011

Joshua as the RC-2000.

Three months later, the cyborg was introduced in Iran, into a unit which was heavily fortified by other OmniCorp products. The first street test was a rousing success and the soldiers were pleased, but the general was outraged: he recognized Duncan. Norton tried to argue the soldiers might find it comforting to know that death wasn't necessarily the end, but the general countered, putting his foot down and refusing to let Duncan go out with his unit again.

Second deathEdit

JK-Robocop - Beta-021

Joshua's second death.

Meanwhile, Duncan had another nightmare of a house, a weapons search and an innocent family getting shot and killed. He teared himself awake, returning to his old unit, his former squadmates, intent on killing them in revenge. He was attacked by his squadmates and they revealed that he, not they, killed the family, the innocent women and children, and in a fit of despair, rushed outside, and engaged one of the many ED-209s on the perimeter with his pistol, basically committing suicide as the ED-209 immediately shot Duncan, destroying him. The incident was covered up by OmniCorp.


Trivia Edit

  • Duncan is the first cyborg to be deployed in the military battlefield.
  • Duncan also the reason why Omni Corp quits their intention to deploy cyborg in the battlefield.