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Kanemitsu is the chairman of the Kanemitsu Corporation.

Kanemitsu sees the potential in the citywide redevelopment, and moves forward with the plans to remove the current citizens. The company develops and uses its own ninja robots (called "Otomo") to help McDaggett and the OCP President overcome the resistance of the anti-OCP militia forces.

In the end, as Old Detroit is being cleaned up Kanemitsu arrives and confronts RoboCop and his group, while his translator tells the OCP president on Kanemitsu's behalf that he is fired. Kanemitsu then bows to RoboCop.

After the results of what happened in RoboCop 2 the company was still continuing their plans for creating the city known as "Delta city" Mayor Kuzak told OCP that they are going to tear down a lot of people houses before they can build delta city but since the citizens of Detroit have noticed what the company was going to do with their city so they fought back with RoboCop and the Detroit police department on their side to fight for their homes as well as their city

Ever since the former chairman "Old Mans" passing OCP was on the verge of bankruptcy OCP had help from the Kanemitsu corporation so they can increase their profits that was not until the REHABS decided to take control of OCP under the command of Paul McDagget. During the assault of Cadillac heights the OCP company's stock has dropped to nothing and they were ruined.