Kaplan is a member of the Detroit Police Department. He is first seen talking with his comrades in the locker room after taking a bath as Alex Murphy joins with them about Frank Frederickson who was killed by Clarence and his gang.

He is again seen talking to Sgt. Reed in his desk before Anne Lewis arrives carrying a suspect that she and her partner arrested.

He is again seen in the Training room with Ramirez, Chessman and Lewis seeing RoboCop testing his gun in the training and worried that he and the others will be replaced.

At the OCP Parking complex was protesting Hedgecock from destroying his comrade RoboCop whom are loyal to him with the others Jerry, Ramirez, Cecil, Manson and Starkweather. He yells with Jerry and Ramirez against Hedgecock and tries to stop him and he and the others walk off in disgust after Hedgecock confirms their orders "to destroy it." and called them maniacs but Hedgecock ignores them and order his men to open fire at RoboCop, they see they had open fire at RoboCop and quickly alerting Anne Lewis to Hedgecock's Treachery.

After the incident he meets with Lewis during the police strike, he informs her about the orders to destroy RoboCop and they presume kill Hedgecock as revenge for following Dick Jones' orders to destroy RoboCop and his betrayel.

He also participates in the battle in the OCP Complex against RoboCain who was rampaging. He is again seen in RoboCop 3 with the others who refused to destroy RoboCop in a restaurant arresting a robber. He also help Lewis chase the yellow van with Jerry but he crashes their car on a red brand new sux which stopped in the middle of the street allowing the yellow van to escape and also fight the Splatterpunks before RoboCop arrives to assist them.He also help Sgt Reed and the rebel forces fighting against the rehabs


  • (to Lt. Hedgecock furiosly) Hey, wait a second!
  • (Disgusted and walks off) You're maniacs!

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