"I got him, Clarence! I got him!"
- Leon's moment of glory.

Character OverviewEdit

Leon C. Nash is a member of Clarence's Gang during the events of the first film.

You a good cop, hot shot?Edit

He's better dressed and more restrained than the other members and seems to be Clarence's right-hand man. It is he that first leaps into action when Emil hollers that there's a cop on their tail on Industrial Way and later on, when the rest of the gang are having fun with the Cobra assault cannons, Leon is nonchalantly watching with Clarence rather than joining in. Indeed, it is he that tells them to "cut the horseshit" when Clarence gives the order to get underway.

He, along with Steve Minh, rescue Emil from the clutches of Officer Murphy. After Clarence blows his hand off, Leon shoots his entire arm off, and then the gang pepper him into a pulp.

Where is Clarence Boddicker?Edit

He is next seen in a nightclub, dancing, oblivious until it's too late that RoboCop is there too. He first tries to pull a gun on the cyborg, but RoboCop manages to disarm him, sending the gun flying into the hand of another reveller. Instead of alerting management, the reveller seems very pleased and dances with it enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Leon feigns surrender, then kicks RoboCop in the nads. Being a cybernetic product, this does not work for several reasons, and Leon gets an extremely sore foot for his efforts, then collapses, where RoboCop grabs him by the hair and drags him off screen. He is subsequently arrested and locked up.

Cut the horse shit, we're moving outEdit

He is next seen at the gang's noisy reunion with Clarence and the rest of the boys. During the showdown in the steel mill, as they're playing cat-and-mouse with RoboCop, he bumps into Emil, freshly mutated, horrifically disfigured and in obvious agony. Rather than give Emil what he needs and euthanise him, Leon is so shocked that he screams in horror, panics, and runs away, fearing even being touched by his doomed comrade.

Leon from robocop

Leon in the crane control room

He plays a pivotal role in the final seconds of the battle, though Clarence's stipulation of "nothin' fancy, just kill 'im" doesn't quite sink in. As Clarence is cornered by RoboCop in the runoff waters, Leon, instead of simply sniping the the cyborg with his Cobra assault cannon, decides to add a little artistic flair to the proceedings, instead preferring to use a massive old crane filled with scrap metal to bury RoboCop. The plan works, in the nick of time, smashing RoboCop into the filthy water. He and Clarence are ecstatic and jubilant... but just as Leon sticks his head out of the control room window to shout down to his boss, Officer Lewis squeezes off a shot with Clarence's discarded Cobra, destroying the control room utterly, and any sentient form of Leon with it.