"I know every inch of him. His nerve sensors are alive, they're lit up like Christmas trees!"

Garcia is one of many OCP technicians that have maintained RoboCop in the Metro North. She is one of those who advocate RoboCop's humanity and advocates that he is more than just a machine over Attorney Holzgang's cold hearted views.

When Cain and the Nuke Cult dismantled RoboCop, she seems to genuinely care about his well being and believe that he actually suffers pain, opposing Holzgang when OCP decides not to pay the repair costs. However when Dr. Juliette Faxx proposes an update to RoboCop, she insisted to Holzgang that she should come with them. Holzgang replied that they don't need anyone.

When a reprogrammed RoboCop was back, she felt that something was not right. She scanned his memory and saw the new more than 260 directives loaded to him by Faxx but she and Akita were unable to erase them with their equipment. Hearing this, RoboCop stood up and overloaded himself from an adjacent power station.


  • Despite being a fairly prominent supporting character, Patricia Charbonneau is not credited for her role in the film.
  • The character name can only be identified by viewing her name tag.
  • Many fans mistakenly believe her to be Dr. Tyler or Dr. Marie Lazarus.