Dr. Marie Lazarus is the primary technician for RoboCop and appears to have developed a close bond with him. Her first act of rebellion against OCP occurred when she refused to implant a micro-neuro barrier that would remove RoboCop's emotions and memories. Instead she smashed the implant. Shortly afterword RoboCop joined forces with a group of rebels that were resisting the OCP eviction and takeover of their homes and communities.

Dr. Lazarus is then contacted by the young hacker, Nikko, who informs her that RoboCop has been badly damaged, after taking a grenade to the chest, and needs her help. Dr Lazarus decides to help RoboCop and joins forces with the rebels and moves all of her gear from the lab to the their hideout. She impresses the rebels with her technical skills by operating on RoboCop, which involves replacing his mechanical heart. She also frees RoboCop of the his fourth directive "Never oppose an OCP Officer," allowing him to take revenge for Lewis's death. She impresses the rebels further after she informs them that expensive looking item they stole from the police armoury Ordnance Depot 7 was a prototype for RoboCop's flightpack which she designed. This gives the rebels the feeling that they might actually have a chance with her around to help.


New Heart

She is later seen to be spending quite a bit of time with recently orphaned hacker Nikko. She is amazed by Nikko's skills as she hacks into the power grid and dims the lights. When the rehabs attack the hideout she manages to get Nikko to safety before being captured by McDaggett, which she recognized him as the murderer of Officer Anne Lewis. She is locked away in what appears to be a store room. Nikko appears in the ventilation shaft and hacks into the transmitter dish outside so that Dr. Lazarus can send an illegal transmission to the people of Detroit. After seeing the transmission two guards rush to the room only for one of them to be hit with a pair of steps. Lazarus takes a gun and lock the guards in the room.

Nikko and Dr Lazarus arrive at the top of the OCP tower just in time to help RoboCop fight the Otomo ninjas. Nikko reprogrammes them to fight each other and they chop each other's heads off. McDaggett is extremely angry, and perhaps a little scared, as both andoinds have a fail-safe device which detonates an atom bomb inside of them. RoboCop rolls into his jet pack, burns McDaggett's legs and flies away, grabbing Lazarus and Nikko on his way. They fly to safety leaving the tower to explode behind them.