"That thing is a killa!"

Mayor Marvin Kuzak is the Mayor of Detroit during the events of RoboCop 2. He is mentioned as signing a contract with OCP. He is seen storming in the new OCP headquarters with Poulos to confront the Old Man about the Detroit Police Department strike which had been engineered by OCP. The Old Man explained to him that the city owed them $37 million and their contract gave them the right to foreclose. Kuzak understood that they deliberately undermined the credit and engineered the police strike, which drove him to one of his casual fury attacks before Poulos walked him out.

Later he is seen presenting a charity show pleading for the viewers to donate funds for the government treasury. Their goal: $37,480,911 but they did not do so well. All changed when he received a call form a viewer, who was Angie, and had access to Cain's cash.

Poulos, who in fact believed in OCP, alerted the company, hoping that when they'd take over the city, he would be rewarded.

OCP had shifted 80% of their liquid resources to the urban pacification plan and if the mayor prevented the foreclosure, they would lose public confidence so they decided to track him and avert the transaction. Dr. Juliette Faxx proposed to utilize RoboCain to track him.

During a meeting with Hob and Angie, they offer him 50 million, in exchange of keeping the law away from Nuke. He is almost killed when RoboCain raids the warehouse and luckily he escapes on a sewer drain before RoboCain opens fire at him. He is the only survivor. He later appears in Mediabreak denying any knowledge on how council members were found dead next to drug dealers and "promised" that this would be investigated.

He is later seen visiting the Civic Centrum, a 100-story building given to the city by OCP and confronts the Old Man directly about his plans of privatization of the city, making it un-democratic and unaffordable, to which the Old Man retorted that anyone who bought a share of OCP stock would be granted voting rights, thus making it as democratic as possible.

After the havoc caused by RoboCain, he speaks to the media promising that OCP won't own the city for long, but the journalists ran away from him seeking a statement from the Old Man.

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