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The world maybe be falling apart, but with smiles like these, why worry about it?

RoboCop MoviesEdit

"This is Mediabreak. You give us three minutes and we'll give you the world."
- the announcer introducing Mediabreak.

Mediabreak is a program on Channel 9; the by the hour on the hour news service that puts you in the picture. On Mediabreak, normal people get a chance to voice their opinions on current affairs. It's hosted by Casey Wong and Jess Perkins, with their on-site reporter Justin Ballard-Watkins. With Channel 9's Mediabreak, you get bad news with a smile.

RoboCop: The SeriesEdit

As in the movies Mediabreak is a program on Channel 9, an on the hour, by the hour news service. It is hosted by Bo Harlan and Rocky Crenshaw with correspondent Charles Coffey.

RoboCop: Prime DirectivesEdit

Set ten years after the original movie, RoboCop: Prime Directives features Media Net as a future version of Mediabreak. This is later upgraded to Media Net 2.0 with new hosts.


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