"TSR-66. Cartridge driven taser pistol. Each projectile releases up to 200,000 volts. It can stun. It can kill, and it's nasty shit."
The NI-408, also known as the TSR-66, was a pistol manufactured by the OmniCorp Weapons Division. The N1-408 was notably used by the Joshua Duncan and Alex Murphy versions of the RC-2000 as their primary sidearm. If RoboCop sensed he needed a weapon, or was threatened, his system would make his N1-408 available by deploying it from his right leg. The NI-408 used by Joshua Duncan seemed to be modified to use conventional rounds, as his NI-408 drew blood.




The Hyper-touch trigger restricts and releases per the intentionality level applied by the triggerman. Finger “scales” measure and confirm ID prior to unlocking the charge. Ambidextrous safety levers come standard.


The Neuromuscular-Incapacitator (NI) is guaranteed to deliver a sustained damped oscillation “blunt” pulse with a 12-microsecond delay, 140-170 microcoulomb range, serving a peak loaded voltage of 9,500-12,000 V.



The NI-408’s “Stun Suppressor” grip guards against reverse-shock while neutralizing the kick that accompanies most neuromuscular-incapacitating devices. Built-in horizontal stabilizers increase accuracy by 27.5%.



The adjustable drive-stun Smart cartridge delivers an electrical charge that penetrates up to 3 inches of protective combat clothing. “Attack Mode” will read and ramp until neutralizing the target’s bio-functions.




  • Hyper-touch trigger measures intent
  • Industry minimum accidental stun %


  • Finger “scales” confirm owner ID
  • “Feather-touch” adjustable charges


  • Winner of “Neighborhood Friend” award
  • Non-lethal means community trust


  • Neutralizing inner-city gangs and terrorist cells
  • Cornerstone of “Safety Zone” initiative

Tech SpecsEdit


  • 6 inch (15.2 cm) height
  • 7.5 inch (19.05 cm) length


  • 21.7 oz. (615.19 g.)
  • With cartridge: 23.3 oz. (660.54 g.)


  • 35 to 50 feet
  • 10.7 to 15.2 meters


  • 3-inch shock radius
  • 9-inch burn radius


  • Carbon-tensile barrel
  • Nitrogen propulsion Smart-cartridge

Behind the scenesEdit

According to IMFDb, the prop used was a Beretta (like the Auto 9 from the original) with a custom shell that was created using a 3D printer. Production designer Martin Whist, art director Dave Scott and Vitaly Bulgarov, who is a huge RoboCop fan, worked on the NI-408 design. Vitaly had a chance to work on both early versions and the final designs of the NI-408.


  • The way the NI-408 extends from RoboCop's leg is a clear reference to how the Auto-9 extended from the original RoboCop's leg.
  • The NI-408 replaced the Auto 9 as RoboCop's main sidearm in the 2014 film RoboCop.
  • The teaser poster for the 2014 remake shows RoboCop holding what appears to be a pistol. Strangely, the weapon does not appear to be the NI-408 or RoboCop's M2 Battle Rifle.


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