"People want paradise. They will have it." Cain, leader of the Nuke Cult.

The Nuke Cult was a group of people who stood for the titled dirty drug. Nuke was a drug that the group thought freed them, by letting them feel and caused good things.

Among the members of the cult were:

  • Cain: A criminal and leader of the Nuke Cult.
  • Hob: Although very young, he is the powerful 2nd-in-command of the cult. He made himself leader after Cain was wounded by his encounter with RoboCop. He becomes the head of the organization after Cain is killed by RoboCop. Then Cain kills Hob.
  • Angie: Cain's girlfriend.
  • Frank: A scientist who manufactured the Nuke, the way the team wanted it.

The Nuke Cult was weakened after RoboCop arrested and took out the gang, in which Cain was injured and brought to a hospital. Hob managed it to become the new leader and tried to legalize Nuke through bribing the Mayor Kuzak who sought a way to pay the towns debts to OCP. This plan was revealed to the company and Dr. Juliette Faxx, who chose the brain of Cain for the new RoboCop, sent him to the meeting where he killed everyone with the exception of the Mayor. Ironically the founder of the Nuke Cult was also the demise of it.