A criminal known as Lot’s Wife is gunning for the demise of RoboCop, but begins by attacking him through Anne. Turns out Anne had a husband who was presumed dead for some time but is very much alive and hostage of a mysterious criminal calling him self the Wraith. Wraith had faked her husband’s death after he owed him a considerable amount of money, waiting to take advantage of her as a cop. In exchange for his life, Wraith wants classified information of future police operations. RoboCop caught sight of her on route to meeting Wraith and followed with uneasy suspicion. After showing the Wraith the authenticity of the documents he requested, Anne was upset to learn she was going to have to keep doing these exchanges to keep her husband alive. Observing from a distance, RoboCop’s programming commands him to take Anne down for treachery, but his human side is able to hold off the action in time to see Anne turn the transaction into a rescue mission. RoboCop saves Anne at the last minute, but the Wraith had already escaped with her husband.

Supporting CharactersEdit

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