Provision 22 is the eighth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


A controversial piece of legislation puts Nancy Murphy in danger. RoboCop must find a loophole before Nancy is permanently injured. He gets it when he discovers that a paperwork snafu made her arrest illegal.

Nancy Murphy is on welfare because Alex's pension has been held up due to technicalities. Web Care is responsible for managing welfare, which is now privatized in Delta City and Old Detroit. OCP is testing the concept before taking it nationwide. Nancy has made a lot of friends at the Mission, where Jimmy stays from time to time while Nancy works in an illegal sweatshop. Provision 22 makes it illegal to work and receive welfare at the same time.

Web Care has its' own security force, which is equipped with electric shock devices—cattle prods, really. They are known as the "Mod Squad", and are responsible for enforcing Provision 22. Web Care must file an ITA ("Intent To Arrest") form with the District Attorney's office before arresting anyone for working illegally. Once arrested, the suspects are "rehabilitated" (read: brainwashed), then released. They are not processed through the normal court system. RoboCop discovers that Web Care did not file an ITA form before arresting Nancy Murphy, so he storms right into Web Care and springs her.

Nancy goes right back to the Mission and orders a press conference to be held immediately. But a cop's work is never done; Web Care's administrators, who have been cheating people out of their benefits ever since they got the job, have planned one more strike. They've hired a notorious arsonist to plant a bomb in a van outside the mission. But first, there is a magnetic resonance projector, modified to project a sonic pulse which will resonate inside the human cranial cavity and cause permanent brain damage. The Chairman has discovered proof of the Web Care administrators' criminal activity and fired them—but he doesn't know about the bomb or the MRP.

While RoboCop is surveying the area just outside the mission during the press conference, he discovers Detective Lisa Madigan tied up in the van with the bomb and the MRP. The arsonist K.O.'ed her when she wasn't looking and gleefully explained the whole thing—when she came to—before locking her in the van. While Madigan evacuates the mission, RoboCop shoves the van into an abandoned building across the street. He changes the frequency of the MRP to something really loud but not permanently damaging. Then the bomb goes off, destroying the building.

RoboCop is okay, and Det. Madigan arrests the arsonist, who is eager to make a deal. The Chairman orders the arrest of the Web Care administrators, which Madigan sarcastically acknowledges. There is a final shot of RoboCop and Nancy Murphy.