"Hedgecock, you can't do that!"

Officer Ramirez is a member of the Detroit Police Department. She is first seen in the locker room listening to Kaplan just Sgt Warren Reed enters the locker room with Cecil removing Frank Frederickson's gear. She is again seen in the Training room with Kaplan, Chessman and Anne Lewis watching RoboCop testing his gun. She tells everyone that she and the others will be replaced. At the OCP Parking Complex she was protesting Hedgecock from destroying her comrade RoboCop. Those whom are loyal are Kaplan, Jerry, Manson, Cecil, and Starkweather, along with others. While Kaplan and Jerry yell against Hedgecock she tells him that he "can't do that!" She angrily shrugs to the others after Hedgecock confirmed they had "orders to destroy it". She and the others walk off in disgust, alerting Anne Lewis to Hedgecock's treachery. She meets Lewis about the incident during the Police strike and they want to kill or dismiss Hedgecock for following Dick Jones' orders to destroy him.

She appears in RoboCop 2, helping RoboCop to destroy RoboCain in the OCP Civic Centrum building and with Estevez yells her men to hold fire after Lewis rams RoboCain with an APC. She also seen helping an officer carrying a wounded officer during the police strike.

She also helps Warren Reed and the OCP resistances forces fight against the rehabs led by Paul McDaggett. She was saddened over the death of Anne Lewis who was killed by McDaggett.

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  • Hedgecock! You can't do that!

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