Raymond Sellars is the main antagonist of RoboCop. Raymond was the CEO of OmniCorp.

Role of the filmEdit

Sellars is the main antagonist of the movie. He was the CEO of Omnicorp and was the driving force behind the creation and development of RoboCop. Whilst he was initially less of an antagonist and more of a typical greedy executive, as the film progressed Sellars became more desperate to make RoboCop a success, going as far as to threaten Murphy's young son, David, with a gun. Sellars was eventually killed by Murphy in a climactic showdown atop the OmniCorp building.


Sellars was an intelligent and very savvy businessman. He was canny and sneaky in his approach to dealing with people and he was also shown to be extremely ruthless in dealing with anybody who opposed him. However, he was not malevolent at first. Initially Sellars was more of a typical corporate executive, simply wanting to sell his company's products to the American government but as he increasingly toyed with Murphy's free will to make him perform better, he lost more and more of his morality and eventually decided to murder him.