The Urban Rehabilitators or "Rehabs" were an elite military force hired by OCP. They had previously particapated in, and won, the Amazon War. They were led by Paul McDaggett. Their job was to clear out Old Detroit to make way for Delta City. Their message to the public was that they would be looked after in rehabilitation centers while their homes were being rebuilt. This was not true and they turned out to be little more than thugs even killing some of the people in order to clear the area. A small group of rebels fought back and managed to hold Cadillac Heights long enough to keep their homes. During the fighting the Commander of the Rehabs, McDaggett, killed Officer Anne Lewis, prompting RoboCop's joining of the rebels. The Rehab officers were probably disbanded after OCP was bought out by the Japanese zaibatsu, Kanemitsu Corporation.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

Rehab officers are clad in chest Armor and riot helmets similar to the Detroit Police Department. They are armed with Ruger Mini14 bullpup assault rifles with flashlight as their primary weapon. They also wield UZI submachine guns, MAC-11 submachine guns and Beretta 92FS as their sidearm.


The Rehabs appear only in RoboCop 3. They were first mentioned in RoboCop 2 but were mentioned as "Urban Pacifiers" by the Old Man.