RoboCop 1

Cover A, RoboCop: Last Stand #1

RoboCop: Last Stand 1 is the first issue in Boom! Studios' 8 issue comic series. It was written by Frank Miller, Steven Grant, and Korkut Oztekin and billed by Boom! Studios as "Frank Miller's Vision for the Last Chapter of RoboCop".


The issue begins with a news report, insisting that RoboCop is on a murderous rampage, but it is revealed that the two reporters don't buy their own story, as they move onto the next piece, indicating that the replacement for the police in Detroit is now staffed by returning veterans from overseas wars, of course funded by OCP.

We see these new OCP police in action, threatening a prostitute, trying to get her to reveal the whereabouts of RoboCop, because they know he's been around this neighborhood. They take her inside the vehicle and are driving away when RoboCop himself appears, taking out both of the corrupt "cops."

The scene cuts to a young woman rolling down the street, trying to track RoboCop herself, accosted by one of the gangs, the Scavengers. She takes them out with a sound-grenade, continuing her search.

The end of the day: RoboCop returns to an abandoned factory, where he's got his charging equipment, setting himself up to recharge, enduring flashes of memory, including Anne Lewis's death and her request that he "get them for [her]."

OCP's latest plan is revealed: they want to tear down the run down neighborhood of Cadillac Heights, replacing it with Liberty Towers. The only problem is tenants in Cadillac Heights who refuse to move. They, through the character of Bertha, refuse to move, knowing that if they can hold out till the end of the week, OCP will run out of money and the plan will default. RoboCop shows up, assisting the tenants, and even taking out an ED-209 without a gun, giving the OCP thugs the boot, but it's only a temporary victory, and they all seem to know it.

He returns home to find the young woman sitting in his place. She introduces herself as Marie Lacasse, a tech whiz and programmer, who is basically a fangirl of RoboCop.  She immediately insists on improvements—she tracked him finally by noticing the power drain of his equipment on the grid, and if she can do it, sooner or later, she argues, OCP will figure it out, too. RoboCop tells her to leave, which she ignores, insisting that he's unique and it's illegal to make another of his kind. The issue ends with her asking him about OCP, "You really hate them, don't you?"