RoboCop 2 coer

RoboCop: Last Stand, Issue 2 cover.


Picking up from the end of last issue, Marie and RoboCop talk, while she removes his helmet. He answers the question at the end of last issue, why he hates OCP. Simply: they didn't ask permission to do what they did to him and he hates it. Marie argues that he's a marvel, a miracle, superhuman, and he tells her to leave, arguing that if she doesn't, OCP will kill her. She stays.

The news broadcast picks up, the reporters still struggling with the blatant lies about the "murderous rampage" RoboCop is allegedly on, and the vociferously complaining reporter is removed by OCP security, while the broadcast cuts to a commercial for an Attitude Adjustment Clinic, featuring a teenage boy with a device on his head burbling about what a good son he is now.

At OCP, Marie lures an ED-209 into a garage, just as Mr. Holzgang enters, fighting a crowd of new OCP layoffs, as he makes his way to the aforementioned Attitude Adjustment Clinic, run by none other than Dr. Faxx. She's been sprung from jail to run this clinic, with a little side-business in interrogations: they have Bertha and are tormenting her with her worst memories until she tells them everything she knows about RoboCop.

RoboCop attacks, to rescue Bertha, using his terminal strip to set off the building's fire suppression systems. As another distraction, Marie lets loose her now-reprogrammed ED-209 who politely takes the elevator to the basement and begins shooting his way through the building, just as RoboCop confronts Faxx and her team of technicians in a loud firefight.

Faxx and OCP threaten a shot up RoboCop, insisting they can destroy him, but concede temporary defeat, calling Japan to deploy an Otomo. Tokyo expresses some discomfiture about deploying one in a highly populated area.

The team (RoboCop, Marie, the reprogrammed ED-209, and Bertha) escape through the sewers to RoboCop's hideout, where Marie wants to do a total rundown and upgrade. Marie and Bertha get in an argument, imagining that RoboCop is shut down. Marie resents how the Cadillac Heights neighborhood is using him to fight their fight for him; Bertha counters that making RoboCop fall in love with her is Marie's plan and that's even crueler.

RoboCop is not shut down, and hears everything, unplugging himself and heading out without a word.

The news reports the story of RoboCop's assault on OCP as successfully repelled by the technicians without a loss of life, which a fabrication. Things inside OCP are not that good. We see a newly-terminated employee jump from the building to his death, just as a mysterious Japanese stranger arrives, going to the chairman's office through another wave of pink-slip letters, and the issue ends with Dr. Faxx herself receiving notification of her employment termination.