RoboCop 4 cover

RoboCop: Last Stand 4 cover.


Continuing the car chase from the last issue, RoboCop leads the OCP troops through Cadillac Heights. Up in the buildings, Bertha orders other residents to make their moves: throwing bags of garbage and strewing caltrops in front of the oncoming OCP vehicles.

RoboCop himself confronts Otomo, who shoots at the oncoming vehicle until RoboCop hits him, sending him flying up and over the vehicle. Another attack ensues, this time from the passenger side, as a large truck moves to t-bone RoboCop's car. A third attack from an OCP helicopter drives RoboCop to seek shelter in an abandoned building, where the wooden floor is no match for the vehicle's weight, and the floor collapses, taking the car down with it.

RoboCop leads the little girl with him through the sewers, toward escape.

Meanwhile, at OCP, the leadership is irate at the death toll from the night, and orders Faxx and Otomo to leave, that they're both fired. Otomo closes the door, before killing two of the executives. Faxx takes over, admitting she's got an "understanding" with Otomo, and shoots the old man, because, as she says, she can't stand bottling up emotion. She kills him, then contacts Security to inform them of the three "suicides".

Back underground, RoboCop and the little girl continue their journey through the sewers, as she asks about what he is. He begins malfunctioning—skipping and dropping parts, finally collapsing into the murky water, and all seems lost until the appearance of the loyal, reprogrammed ED-209.

The scene shifts to Bertha's bar, where they're wondering where RoboCop is, when two OCP employees, the two from the first issue, come in. Bertha refuses to serve them. When they attempt to intimidate her, the entire bar turns on the OCP forces, driving them out, just as RoboCop emerges from the manhole cover.

Bertha and the others, seeing his perilous condition, take him back to Eisner's, where Marie insists she need to do repairs, demanding that Bertha get him a new heart. The team does their best, and even though Bertha can only find a Kanemitsu heart, repairs are completed, including a new chestplate, the issue ending with RoboCop, newly repaired by his friends.