RoboCop: Road Trip is a 2011 comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment. It is the follow up to their 2010 RoboCop Series.

Part 1Edit

Continuing the story from Dynamite's RoboCop series, America has fallen into a landscape of revolution and chaos and OCP has taken over Old Detroit from the authorities in a political coup. It's up to RoboCop and what's left of the Old Detroit Police Department to try and make it out of the state in order to get help from the US military. But ED-309s patrol the streets and OCP has a new, deadly robot prototype to send after Murphy and co. Meanwhile, RoboCop's sanity continues to crumble along with his country.

Part 2Edit

You know things are bad in Old Detroit when Cleveland seems like the promised land! With the OCP coup having succeeded and the streets overrun by ED209, ED 309 AND octogenarian death squads, it's up to RoboCop and what's left of the Old Detroit Police Department to fly across Lake Erie to safety. But OCP's latest killer robots, the super-fast, super-deadly HOUNDS are on their trail, and RoboCop's mind continues to fracture. Are the visions from his past real? And what do they mean?

Part 3Edit

How do you stop a metal man sinking? With RoboCop and the Old Detroit resistance's plane crashed in Lake Eerie, it's a question of what will kill them first? The water or the vicious and bloodthirsty Hunter robot prototypes of OCP. Can Murphy survive, retain his sanity and bring help to his city? And what will the final fate be of OCP's Old Man?

Part 4Edit

RoboCop and what's left of the Old Detroit Police Department have been rescued from Lake Erie but what waits for them in Cleveland? And who, exactly, is responsible for the mysterious pure white helicopters and their crews? With the country suffering a new revolution and the Government having lost control, Murphy will discover the truth behind the new America. And back in Old Detroit, the final fate of OCP will be revealed.


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