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The RoboCop 2 program was an OCP initiative designed to combat the new and huge wave of crime sweeping the city due to the new designer drug nuke, and to help protect workers during the construction of Delta City.

The project was first headed by Donald Johnson and Dr. Schenk. Johnson had tremendous difficulty finding a suitable candidate like officer Murphy - a dutiful, inherently good person - leading to failures as the cyborgs could not accept their new, inhuman forms. A psychologist named Dr. Juliette Faxx was to persuade the Old Man to try using a nuke addict in the hope that his dependence on the drug would lead to better control over the cyborg.

Not surprisingly, the programme was an utter, abject and unmitigated disaster.

Psychology behind the failures Edit

All attempts to replicate the success of Alex Murphy as RoboCop ended in miserable failure. Further analysis as to why various candidates failed suggests the human attachment to their prior human bodies. While good officers, the ego's of these officers revolved around their bodies, with machismo and body proud, the officers when stripped of that identity lose all sense of self and thus became suicidal. Murphy's success lied in his personality, namely his desire to live. Dr. Faxx concludes that Alex Murphy's strong sense of duty and his Roman Catholic religion were the reasons behind his ability to adapt to his resurrection as RoboCop (namely the Catholic moral objection to suicide)

RoboCop 2 prototype #1Edit

The first RoboCop 2, a bipedal, "Robbie the Robot"-esque machine. His entire body was mechanical and possessed his remaining human head in the carapace. Almost immediately it went rogue, disturbed by the psychosis of being a machine, the robot attempting to fulfill it's mission it immediately acted, shooting one techie dead and wounding a second, before shooting itself through the cranial dome, destroying itself.

RoboCop 2 prototype #2Edit

This example, a mostly humanoid, almost skeletal type of cyborg, was more tragic. After stepping through the doors and presenting itself, it attemped to remove its helmet to expose it's human face, having none, it severed its life support lines. The abomination's skull-like visage managed a gruelling wail of distress before it fell face first to the floor, dead for a second time.

Final RoboCop 2 designEdit

The subject for what finally became RoboCop 2 one was a nuke addict, as suggested by Dr. Faxx. In theory, this may have been a successful idea, Faxx convinces the Old Man to let her control the project, this time using someone who wanted to be a robot or more than a man, even a criminal with a desire for power and immortality. However this particular nuke addict was Cain, already pre-mad and pre-psychotic, even before being killed and reformatted into RoboCop 2.

OCP discontinued the project after the disaster at the civic center.

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