RoboCop 3 is a three issue comic book adaptation of the movie RoboCop 3 from Dark Horse Comics.

Product solicitationEdit

The third chapter of the RoboCop films explodes onto the comics page! OCP—the company responsible for Officer Murphy's transformation into RoboCop—is planning to build a grand new community of the future on the ashes of Old Detroit, and perhaps a few of its current residents as well!

When a gang of criminals calling themselves Splatterpunks start making things difficult for the OCP developers, RoboCop finds himself drawn into the struggle. Will RoboCop follow the orders of the OCP and drive the defenseless citizens of Detroit from their homes? Don't count on it! With the help of Nikko, a young computer genius, RoboCop takes on the forces of OCP in an inner-city battle to the death!

External linksEdit

  1. RoboCop 3 Part 1

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