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Welcome to the RoboCop Wiki, The database about the Future of Law Enforcement that any creep can edit!

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Robocop OmniCorp's CES 2027 Presentation02:24

Robocop OmniCorp's CES 2027 Presentation

The OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 is a cybernetic product designed and manufactured by the Security Concepts division of Omni Consumer Products.

On top of robust and contemporary defensive and offensive packages, the product is afforded the fastest reflexes made possible by modern technology, a memory assisted by an on-board computer, and programmed with a lifetime experience in on-the-street law enforcement.

Fundemental to its operational limits are the Prime Directives, a set of rules, unbreakable and unbendable, that the product is firmware bound to uphold.
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  • MrBelpitsLegs


    September 6, 2016 by MrBelpitsLegs

    Hello, I have recently adopted the RoboCop Wiki and I am busy at work improving it. I love RoboCop and I look forward to my time I will spend editing here. First off, the Wiki looks different right now, I am trying a look moderately resembling RoboC…

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  • Aggression25

    In the remake, there was only one error that I noticed. Towards the climax where Robocop goes after the guy that orchestrated the car bomb, his police superior says that he's breaking protocol by trying to solve his own murder. MURDER, PEOPLE!!! That…

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