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"First, don't fuck with me. I'm a desperate man! And second, I want some fresh coffee. And third, I want a recount! And no matter how it turns out, I want my old job back!


―Ron Miller[src]

Ron miller

Ron Miller is a minor antagonist in the first RoboCop movie.

He was a former city councilman who lost his political position when he was defeated in a recent election. The loss of prestige and power was arguably too much to handle, and Miller suffered a nervous breakdown and resorted to desperate measures, turning Detroit's city hall into a standoff with the police, holding several employees hostage to include Mayor Gibson. By the time the Detroit police cordoned off city hall, Miller had already murdered one hostage, presumably due to the hostage's refusal to submit. To demonstrate to the police that this was serious, Miller demanded the mayor go before the window at gunpoint, with Miller shouting to the police the mayor would be the next casualty if his demands were not met. Miller's demands for were to someone to serve him fresh coffee, to be given a new car, and for the election that deposed him to be recounted (or presumably invalidated), in order for Miller to stay in power. An officer of the DPD relayed the demands to Miller by bullhorn. However, Miller did not keep watch inside the building nor hire any goons to protect him, which allowed RoboCop to enter city hall. A distraught Miller wondered why a droid was coming, and opened fire. Miller then threatened to murder the mayor, but RoboCop saved the mayor's life by grabbing Miller and throwing him out the window. If the defenestration had not killed Ron Miller, he was presumably hospitalized and arrested for homicide shortly thereafter. Saving Mayor Gibson was RoboCop's first heroic act to the public, and helped establish his reputation.

The hostage standoff between RoboCop and Miller would be repeated at the end of the first film when The Old Man was also held at gunpoint, this time by Dick Jones.

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