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"First, don't fuck with me. I'm a desperate man! And second, I want some fresh coffee. And third, I want a recount! And no matter how it turns out, I want my old job back!


―Ron Miller[src]

Ron miller

Ron Miller is a minor antagonist in the first Robocop movie.

He was a former city councilman, that had a nervous breakdown and held Mayor Gibson hostage. He killed one of the hostages who either refused to cooperate or was a choice of Miller's to demonstrate that he is serious. He then demanded such luxuries as a bigger office and a new car with proficient mileage. The fact he was yelling to the police that he demanded a recount and wanted his old job back suggested Miller was defeated in a reelection campaign. RoboCop was able to subdue Miller without any harm coming to the Mayor by throwing him out the window. Miller was probably arrested soon after.

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