The Detroit Police SWAT team is also part of the Detroit Police force

RoboCop Edit

They are first seen in the City Hall led by Lt. Hedgecock negotiating Ron Miller who is holding Mayor Gibson and his staff hostages and demanding his job back with RoboCop rescuing the mayor and arrest Ron.

However Lt. Hedgecock betrays Detroit Police force and taken control the SWAT team to follow Dick Jones' orders to destroy RoboCop. They arrive at the OCP Parking complex to deal RoboCop, before they open fire. Kaplan, Jerry, Ramirez and Manson protest and tried to stop him but Lt. Hedgecock then tells them they have orders to destroy him causing them to walk off in disgust. Lt. Hedgecock ignores them and orders his team to open fire at RoboCop who then escapes into Parking level 3. Anne Lewis RoboCop's partner arrives having alerted by Kaplan and the others to Lt.Hedgecock's treachery and helps him board on her police cruiser. Lt. Hedgecock sees Lewis having defied her orders to destroy her partner orders his team to open fire at her causing Lewis with a damaged RoboCop to flee and realizing Lt. Hedgecock is a traitor.

Before the police strike an enraged Lewis tracks down Lt. Hedgecock and kills him for his treachery and following the corrupt OCP Executive Dick Jones' orders to murder her partner and Whitakker takes over the SWAT team. During the police strike the SWAT team are suspended for their actions for nearly destroying their own comrade RoboCop. Dick Jones is finally killed and his orders on them to destroy RoboCop is put to an end thanks to the Old Man who then fires Dick Jones for murdering Bob Morton.

RoboCop 2 Edit

The SWAT team are still remain suspended now led by the new leader Whitakker. they are again seen having their suspension lifted raiding a drug factory called Nuke led by Cain. RoboCop now tended from his damaged he sustained by the [ED-209] and Lt. Hedgecock helps in the mission with Cain being injured in the battle. They again take part to battle RoboCop 2 at the OCP Complex with RoboCop destroying him for good.

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